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May 17, 2024
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The Best 10 Learning Experience Platforms (LXPs) To Try Out Now

Do you want to explore learning experience platforms and how they transform learning? Well, read on to find out the best LXPs

The Best 10 Learning Experience Platforms (LXPs) To Try Out Now

The Best 10 Learning Experience Platforms (LXPs) To Try Out Now

Employee training and development are the essential part of any organization's success. Equipping your workforce with the latest skills helps them stay competitive and achieve business goals. An HR research finds that 58% of the workforce will need new skill sets to do their jobs successfully. Thankfully, learning experience platforms have completely transformed corporate training by providing personalized learning experiences. 

Features like AI support, micro-learning modules and gamification have made learning convenient for everyone. With a wide variety of LXPs available in the market, choosing the right one can be challenging. 

Keep reading this guide to explore the top-performing LXPs, their features, and which one is the right fit for your organization. 

What are Learning Experience Platforms?

Learning experience platforms (LXPs) are software systems designed to make online learning more engaging, personalized and effective. They are easy-to-use learning platforms for employee training that take a more learning-centric approach. These platforms go beyond providing courses and creating a personalized learning environment for organizations and individuals.  

Here is how LXPs make learning effective:

1. Focus on Learner Experience

Unlike traditional learning methods, LXPs prioritize the learner using features like AI and machine learning to understand a user's role, interest and past learning activities. Based on this, they suggest relevant courses, articles or videos that suit an individual's needs.

2. Content Aggregation

LXPs can extract content from different sources, including internal company documents and external courses, offering a central location for all learning documents. 

3. Bite-Sized Learning

LXPs break down information into manageable chunks, like microlearning modules or short videos, enabling focused learning.

90% of corporations use online education for employees today. This is because LXPs don't work with the one-size-fits-all approach and create a customized learning journey for each person.

Think of learning with LXPs as watching your favorite streaming service, which recommends shows you would like to watch based on what you have watched before!    

What To Look For In Learning Experience Platforms?

A good learning experience platform prioritizes flexibility and user control. It should be a set of learning tools that adjusts according to your schedule and is easy to use. Here are some of the key features to consider if you are looking for an LXP:

1. Goals and Learning Outcomes

Before choosing an LXP system, it is crucial to define your goals and desired learning outcomes. What kind of learning do you want to facilitate? Is it onboarding new employees, developing a specific skill, or sharing general knowledge? Clear learning outcomes help you pick features that directly address your needs, ensuring the platform helps learners achieve their goals. 

2. Features and Functionality

The best learning experience platforms (LXPs) go beyond just delivering content. They provide a rich learning experience with diverse content formats (videos, PDFs, SCORM). Learners should benefit from features like progress tracing and assessment to monitor their development. The platform should also offer features like discussions and gamification to boost results and enhance engagement.

3. User Interface

Choose an LXP with a user-friendly and intuitive interface. One should be able to navigate easily and find content quickly. The layout should be visually clean and easy to navigate, prioritizing learning materials and functionalities without overwhelming the user. 

4. AI Support 

LXP solutions should leverage AI support and machine learning for a smooth learning journey. AI support can convert your existing content and knowledge into courses and provide virtual instructor support. Your preferred LXP should be a smart assistant that can create content based on your goals, suggest personalized paths, and offer feedback on quizzes.

5. Personalization

Personalization is a key factor that separates the best learning experience platforms from the rest. A great LXP tailors the learning journey to each user. It uses data to identify knowledge gaps and suggest content that bridges those gaps. This provides a learning roadmap that adapts to the unique needs of a user and helps them excel in skill development. 

6. Integration

An ideal LXP is not supposed to exist in isolation. It should seamlessly integrate with your existing tools like learning management system (LMS), HR systems and even social media for discussions. This lets you connect learning to your workflow and foster collaboration, making it a more holistic experience. 

7. Mobile Compatibility

According to research, 70% of learners feel more engaged and motivated on a mobile device. On-the-go learning is key! Learning experience platforms should be mobile-friendly, with a dedicated app or a mobile-optimized platform. It helps users access learning materials anytime, anywhere, fitting learning into their busy schedules and maximizing flexibility. 

Top 10 Learning Experience Platforms

Let's examine the top 10 best-performing learning experience platforms of 2024, their features, and how they can benefit your organization's learning and development goals. 

1. Coursebox

One of the best AI course creators, Coursebox stands out with its ability to transform your existing content (text, PDF, videos) into professional courses within minutes. Its drag-and-drop interface lets you easily edit the course content, and its premium LXP features offer AI-powered assessments and quizzes for personalized learning. 

Coursebox goes beyond corporate training and offers academic AI solutions like curriculum generators, syllabus generators and rubric generators. This makes it suitable for both educational and professional clients. 

Additionally, it provides a free generative AI course that teaches users to create chatbots, leverage ChatGPT, and generate high-quality images and voiceovers with AI. This empowers users to work independently and reduce costs while delivering high-quality results.   


  • Get real time course guidance from an AI tutor trained on your specific content.
  • Learners receive instant AI grading and feedback based on their marking criteria.
  • Generate quizzes, assignments, and answer keys in seconds using mobile apps.
  • Design courses in over 60 languages for online sales (subscription) or private sharing.
  • Coursebox integrates seamlessly with your existing LMS, websites and HR platforms. 

Pricing Structure of Coursebox

Coursebox has two different pricing structures as follows:

1. Monthly package 

  • Free (Comes with limited features)
  • Creator (19 USD/Month)
  • Expert (49 USD/Month)
  • LXP (99 USD/Month)

2. Annual Package

  • Free (Offers limited features)
  • Creator Yearly (17 USD/Month billed yearly)
  • Expert Yearly (42 USD/Month billed yearly)
  • LXP Insanity (1083 USD/Month billed yearly) 

2. Juno LXP

This platform excels in employee onboarding, professional development and measuring the impact of training initiatives. Juno has a user-friendly interface with AI automation tools, an internal knowledge hub and a content editor for personalized courses and training programs.

These features along with its ranking as a top 50 HR product globally, solidify Juno LXP as one of the best learning experience platforms. 


  • Juno’s AI-powered search engine shows the most relevant and up-to-date courses. 
  • Personalizes the learning experience by suggesting courses that match users' skills. 
  • Empower employees to request learning on-demand, without committing to a specific vendor. 
  • Its analytics dashboard helps you manage content and track employee engagement.  

Pricing Structure of Juno LXP

Their pricing structure is not clear and is only available upon request.

3. Learnerbly

Companies focus on equipping workforces with the skills needed for success. As one of the reliable LXP solutions, Learnerbly has a curated marketplace with thousands of resources from over 250 providers, enabling learners to access top-quality content and courses. 

The platform allows users to explore its capabilities firsthand with a free demo and leverage its comprehensive tools to hire, train and retain talent as the business grows.


  • Helps learners with a personalized learning budget to choose their learning paths from a curated marketplace.
  • Based on your interests and learning preferences, Learnerbly curates a tailored dashboard with high-quality resources. 
  • Stay informed with industry insights, guides and updates delivered to your inbox. 

Pricing Structure of Juno LXP

This LXP has 3 packages such as Launch, Strategic and Enterprise, and its prices are visible upon request only. 

4. 360 Learning

This LXP takes a unique collaborative learning approach. It enables internal subject matter experts to excel further by creating and sharing knowledge with colleagues, eliminating the need for external training resources. 

Serving over 2,300 customers, 360 Learning offers a comprehensive learning solution that combines LXP, LMS, and collaborative learning facilities, all powered by AI.


  • 360 Learning offers resources for employee training, compliance training, sales enablement, and customer training.
  • This Platform provides a rich library of digital resources for training and skill development
  • Its user-friendly interface facilitates knowledge sharing and collaborative learning at the learners' pace.

Pricing Structure of Juno LXP

360 Learning offers two pricing packages:

  • Team (8 USD/ Registered User)
  • Business (Available upon request)

5. Degreed

This LXP excels at 'jailbreaking the degree' by focusing on continuous learning and data-driven development. Degreed analyzes existing skills through review-based questionnaires and then curates personalized learning journeys with various resources like courses, articles, and videos.

The platform even offers projects, quizzes, and assignments for real-time insights into your learning progress.


  • Degreed offers diverse learning methods (tools, platforms) to cater learners from diverse backgrounds.
  • Gain real-time insights into business-critical skills to identify areas for development and future growth.
  • Degreed prioritizes data security with enterprise-grade measures, ensuring your organization's information remains protected.

Pricing Structure of Degreed

Degreed offers customized pricing according to the needs and requirements of learners. 

6. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning stands out from the rest of the learning experience platforms for its ability to cater to both individual and team learning needs. It offers a cost-effective solution with over 20,000 bite-sized courses delivered in 24 languages. 

This LXP leverages AI-powered coaching to provide learners with real-time advice and personalized learning experiences, making it a valuable tool for professional development. 


  • LinkedIn Learning goes beyond videos with features like downloadable exercise files, note-taking tools, and quizzes to reinforce learning.
  • Learning paths curate playlists of courses and videos around specific skills or topics for a more comprehensive learning experience.
  • The Q&A feature enhances community learning by allowing you to interact with instructors and other learners.

Pricing Structure of LinkedIn Learning LXP

  • LinkedIn Learning for Team (379.88 USD/Seat/User)

7. Udemy LXP

Udemy is a highly popular learning experience platform with 210,000 courses for personal and professional development. Though it doesn't offer accredited degrees, the platform caters to learners and instructors with a wide range of topics and a pay-per-course policy. 

For companies, Udemy for Business provides a subscription-based platform for employee training with features like learning analytics and course management.


  • Udemy offers diverse learning methods: stream videos, listen to audio lectures, or view downloadable course materials.
  • Download lessons for offline viewing and choose your preferred video quality to manage file size.
  • Learn at your own pace by adjusting playback speed and interacting with instructors through the Q&A feature.

Pricing Structure of Udemy

  • Varies from course to course.

8. Learn AMP

Learn AMP features itself as a "People Development Hub," combining LMS and LXP functionalities with AI-powered features. Learn Amp offers a unified platform for the entire employee journey, from onboarding to career development. 

It personalizes learning paths, facilitates skill development, and tracks performance – all in one place. Feedback and progress surveys ensure your organization stays on track with employee development goals.


  • Learn Amp leverages AI to create learning content quickly and efficiently.
  • This platform is your AI assistant, recommending topics and skills tailored to your interests.
  • Pre-set prompts with adjustable tone and length allow content customization based on industry or preference.

Pricing Structure of Learn AMP 

  • £17,500 per year 

9. Lemonade

One of the few dedicated learning experience platforms, Lemonade helps financial institutions maximize their ROI through employee training. Unlike traditional channels, Lemonade injects fun and engagement into learning with gamification, role-play scenarios and social learning features. 


  • LemonadeLXP combines gamified learning with technology to transform frontline staff into confident digital experts.
  • The platform empowers you to create instant, user-friendly customer support sites using technology walkthroughs, videos, and AI-synthesized voice assistants.
  • Designed specifically for banks and financial institutions, LemonadeLXP helps drive digital adoption and growth.

Pricing Structure of Lemonade 

  • Price is visible upon request

10. Absorb

This LXP platform combines a learning management system with a unique LXP feature called Absorb Infuse. Absorb Infuse eliminates the need to switch between applications by seamlessly integrating learning content (courses, catalogs, videos, articles) directly into your existing workflows. This allows users to learn within their native applications, maximizing accessibility and convenience. 


  • Absorb Infuse integrates learning seamlessly within your existing applications, allowing you to learn from any device.
  • Absorb LMS is a scalable and adaptable solution that grows with your business.
  • It prioritizes data security with scans, regular audits, and PCI compliance to protect your information.

Pricing Structure of Absorb 

  • Its pricing structure is not disclosed.  

Conclusion: Choose the Best Learning Experience Platform

This guide highlighted the growing importance of AI course creators and Learning experience platforms (LXPs) for modern employee training and development. LXPs go beyond traditional methods and provide a personalized and engaging learning experience. 

We have also explored the top ten learning experience platform vendors, including Coursebox, Juno LXP, Absorb and many others, all catering to the diverse needs of learners.  

By considering factors such as functionality, user interface, AI support, and mobile compatibility, you can choose an LXP that empowers your workforce and drives business growth. 

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