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Enterprise AI-Driven E-learning

✓ Branded learning platform & mobile app
✓ Convert files into courses in minutes
✓ Boost engagement with AI chatbots
✓ Automated assessment
✓ Automate certificates & sell courses

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Faster, more engaging training

The best AI learning experience platform

Files to course

Convert your videos, docs and websites into courses to make the most of your existing resources

AI Assessment

Learners get instant AI grading and feedback based on your marking rubric and criteria

AI tutor

A chatbot trained on your entire course will give your learners real time conversational assistance

AI Quiz Generator

Generate quizzes, long answer assignment questions and marking rubrics in seconds

White Label

Brand your learning platform, mobile app and courses for a seamless learner experience

Sell courses

Configure a set price for each course, or sell ongoing training subscriptions to scale your elearning revenue

AI course designer

AI assists you to brainstorm and decide on the structure of your course before generating the draft


Automatically issue branded certificates to all of your students, rewarding them for achievement

Mobile Apps

Enable your learning experience on the move from any device with the Coursebox mobile apps

Courses created
different countries
different languages

Personalized AI generated courses in minutes

✓ Unlimited courses
✓ Unlimited expert AI course creators
✓ SCORM uploader
✓ LTI integrations with LMSs like Canvas
✓ Stripe integration & Commissions
✓ Prerequisite pathways
✓ Hosting, SSL & backups

Full branding control

White Label your Coursebox LXP as yours for a seamless training experience. Branded mobile apps for workers are available on both Apple and Android. Book a demo today.

✓ Private Label portal
✓ Custom theme
✓ Public page management
✓ Advanced Newsfeed & Newsletters​
✓ Custom Onboarding
✓ Menu editor

Empower managers to train teams and monitor employee productivity

✓ Advanced controls over users
✓ Unlimited Learners
✓ Events & Resources
✓ Membership sales
✓ 1-1 Messaging
✓ Branded Coursebox LXP app

Security & Hosting

Traditional learning management is inefficient for managers and unengaging for employees. Coursebox seamlessly identifies skills gaps, triggering AI to generate personalized learning content in minutes. E-learning is tailored to align precisely with the competencies and knowledge which are lacking specific to their role. AI generated training courses are based on a learner's unique background and learning preferences, ensuring a highly focused and enagaging learning experience. Engaging and personalized training just became scalable with artificial intelligence.

Sell courses or ongoing subscriptions to your training

If you're a training company or business looking to sell your training, Coursebox can help you do seamlessly. Sell courses globally with easy online transactions for learners. Grow your revenue without the headache of months spent on creating courses by using the most popular AI powered LXP.

Integrate AI course authoring to your LMS

Seamlessly integrate the Coursebox AI e-learning authoring tool with your existing learning management system or HR platform. Embed your courses on your LMS or website. Integrate grading, certificates and more between the two platforms.

The enterprise AI powered LXP you've been dreaming of.

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