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May 17, 2024
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10 Best AI Quiz Generators in 2024

Creating engaging quizzes for your training programs traditionally requires a significant investment of time, detracting from valuable...

10 Best AI Quiz Generators in 2024

Creating engaging quizzes for your training programs traditionally requires a significant investment of time, detracting from valuable opportunities to enhance the overall quality of your online training.  

AI-powered quiz generators are designed to help training companies and corporate training departments. They intelligently understand your existing training materials and quiz requirements to design relevant questions, formulate them in an interactive format, and propose accurate answers.

What to look for in an AI Quiz Generator

  • Prompt based on topic and learner characteristics
  • Convert existing content such as documents, spreadsheets, presentation slides, videos, and website links into a course
  • Options for number of and types of quizzes such as single/multiple answer

AI Quiz Generators

10 best AI powered quiz generators

1. Coursebox AI Quiz Generator

Coursebox is an AI course creator which includes an AI quiz generator within its product. So it also generates course designs, assignments and text.

CourBox Quiz Generator


  • Single or multiple answer quiz questions
  • Convert documents, videos and websites into quizzes
  • Analytics and reporting Mobile app for learners

2. Quiz Gecko  

Quiz Gecko leverages AI to transform any text, webpage, YouTube video, or document into interactive quizzes. It uses advanced technology to analyze content and craft questions automatically.


  • Generates quizzes from diverse inputs like text, URLs, and files.
  • Supports various question types including multiple choice and true/false.
  • Enables quiz export, embedding, and sharing.
  • Includes management features for assigning quizzes and tracking progress

3. Quizbot  

Quizbot creates quizzes from text, such as websites and ebooks, directly into Google Forms with automatic scoring.

Quizbot Homepage


  • Generates various question types: comprehension, vocabulary, cloze, maze.
  • Manages Google Forms on Google Drive.
  • Offers organizational management for schools and districts

4. Questgen  

Questgen simplifies generating quizzes with AI, targeting educators and HR teams for scalable assessment creation.

Questgrn Homepage


  • Various question types including MCQs and true/false.
  • Processes up to 25,000 words for quiz creation.
  • Editable quizzes with multiple export options.
  • Difficulty adjustment and Bloom's Taxonomy level selection

5. EdApp

EdApp is a comprehensive microlearning platform designed for efficient training delivery across devices. It enables quick content creation and offers a learner-centric approach with interactive features.


  • AI-assisted course creation and an extensive template library.
  • Mobile-first learning with offline mode for anywhere access.
  • Gamification, including in-built games and achievements for learner engagement  

6. Quiz Maker

Quiz Maker is a feature within EdApp that enables quick and effective assessment creation. It allows for the construction of quizzes to evaluate team knowledge post-learning sessions.


  • Rapid quiz creation for immediate learner feedback.
  • Compatibility with mobile devices for on-the-go access.
  • Supports a variety of question types to suit different learning objectives  

7. OpExams

OpExams offers an innovative platform for educators, simplifying the creation, administration, grading, and analysis of both paper and online exams. It's designed to save time and enhance the exam process in educational settings.


  • Supports secure online exams with advanced proctoring.
  • AI Questions Generator for creating diverse question types.
  • Enables comprehensive exam analysis and reporting  

8. Testportal

Testportal is an AI-powered online assessment platform for creating tests, quizzes, and exams. It's utilized globally by businesses and educational institutions to streamline the assessment process.


  • AI Question Generator for creating diverse questions.
  • Detailed reporting and analytics for insights into performance.
  • Customizable assessments with proctoring and security features  

9. Toolsaday

Toolsaday provides an array of AI-powered tools designed to enhance creativity and productivity. It's particularly useful for generating text, stories, and marketing content efficiently.


  • AI-assisted paraphrasing for unique content creation.
  • Story Generator for crafting engaging narratives.
  • Email Generator for professional communication optimization​  

10. ChatGPT  

ChatGPT is one of the most used and favorite quiz generators. The advantage compared to most dedicated AI quiz generator tools is you can have a conversation with it going back and forth to iteratively improve the quizzes.


  • Re-prompt until you get what you need
  • Use public GPTs for a pre-trained quiz generator
  • Train on documents and websites
  • Reliant on your prompting skills  

Prompt templates for generating quizzes with ChatGPT

  1. Act as a senior instructional designer, writing 5 quiz questions in the format [insert quiz format] for a course titled [insert course name] within a course section titled [insert course title], after completing a number of course sub sections titled [insert names of each course subsections completed within the current section]. Make the quiz questions of [insert difficulty level] difficulty. Act as an experienced teacher in [insert topic]. Generate 10 multiple choice quizzes for my course on [course topic] for my learners who are [insert description of your learners] after they have completed some study surrounding [insert course studies] Read the relevant link or documents referenced and provide true/false quiz questions that are of an advanced difficulty relating to the link/documents.

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