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The software tool for rapidly generating employee training videos with AI

✔ Realistic AI generated videos speaking to camera
✔ Convert files into training videos
✔ Script editor, languages and various avatars
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Deliver engaging employee training videos generated by AI

The best AI training video generation platform

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Cut training costs with AI video instructors

AI generated training videos will help you train your organisation efficiently and drastically improve skills and competencies for their roles. Using AI means you'll have personalized employee training made within minutes. Generating videos with AI is a much faster and cheaper alternative to filming and editing videos yourself.

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Captivate your workforce with engaging & personalized L&D videos

Build interactive and visual employee training containing videos, quizzes, practical assignments and more. Let’s motivate your employees with exciting learning and development.

Integrate AI course authoring to your LMS

Seamlessly integrate the Coursebox AI e-learning video generation tool with your existing learning management system or HR platform. Embed your courses and their videos on your LMS or website. Integrate grading, certificates and more between the two platforms.

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The AI training video generator you've been dreaming of.

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