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Social Emotional Learning-How it can impact your Organisation!

What is SEL?

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is the process whereby students and adults understand and manage emotions. SEL provides a base for children and adults alike to learn, grow and become more confident in a social setting. Now, before you stop reading, think about how SEL could impact your organization. Are your employees satisfied in the workplace? Building emotional awareness is really important in building organizational success!

What does Coursebox and SEL have in common?

You may be thinking, what do Coursebox and SEL have in common? As it turns out, quite a lot! Coursebox allows its clients the flexibility of creating tailored portals to certain groups and individuals. In doing so, our clients can create training portals which suit the working and emotional needs of organisations. Coursebox is all about engagement. We are about offering value to our customers through social engagement. In theory, SEL is all about the inclusion of others. Coursebox makes this a priority by offering a social learning platform that works for all!

How Coursebox can impact your organisation!

Coursebox has the power to make your organization a completely better place. Value creation is a key pillar which forms the basis of Coursebox Institute! Today’s changing work landscape makes organizations like Coursebox invaluable. SEL is just another factor in which Coursebox can impact your organization!

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