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May 28, 2024
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10 Best Hospitality LMSs for Employee Training

Learn about the 10 best hospitality LMS platforms available

10 Best Hospitality LMSs for Employee Training

Over the last few years, the hospitality industry has been growing significantly. According to a global estimate, its size was valued at $4.4 million in 2022 growing at a CAGR of 10.43%. The industry is even expected to touch $7.99 million by 2028.

Considering this massive growth, it’s important for hospitality businesses to level up their game. For a hospitality venture to succeed, employees’ competency, skill, and professional knowledge matter. Customers are on the lookout for a high level of service that only well-trained staff can provide. 

That’s where a hospitality LMS steps in. 

With this tool, your staff can access knowledge and training programs whenever and wherever they want. Keep reading to explore the 10 best hospitality LMSs for employee training. 

What Is a Hospitality LMS?

A hospitality LMS, or Learning Management System, is a tool designed specifically for hospitality businesses. It helps them manage employees and train them through various development programs. 

The training programs offered by a hospitality LMS cover a broad range of topics, such as: 

  • Customer Service
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Compliance with Hospitality Regulations
  • Housekeeping
  • Health and Safety
  • Food Safety
  • Responsible Service of Alcohol

You can use a hospitality LMS to onboard new employees. It can also be utilized for the ongoing development and training of the existing staff members. 

This learning management system allows you to create and deliver training assessments, courses and other relevant materials. You can also track your employee’s progress, grading them on their learning abilities. 

The great thing about a well-designed hospitality LMS is that it comes with several features to keep the users engaged. The social media integrations, gamification elements, webinars, and video content offered by most LMSs keep training interesting while evaluating employee performances. 

By implementing an LMS in your organization, you will not only provide a cost-effective method of learning but also allow your employees to access knowledge from anywhere in the world. 

LMS technology is cloud-based, and many systems come with mobile applications. This makes it easy to access training programs on the go. 

10 Best Hospitality LMS for Effective Employee Training

Have we convinced you to pick the best hospitality LMS for employee training? If yes, here are some great options. 

  1. Coursebox  

With Coursebox's AI-powered LMS, you can create courses and generate videos, quizzes, and assessments within minutes. The platform facilitates you with an automated AI grading system that helps you evaluate your employee’s performance easily. 

Additionally, you can automatically generate certificates for your employees after they finish their hospitality training. 

Key Features

  • Easy Conversion of Files: Simply upload relevant files and convert them to full-fledged courses.
  • AI Chatbots: These chatbots act as support and also tutors as required for guidance.
  • Mobile App: The Coursebox mobile application helps support training on the go. 


  • The price for creating a course and selling it is $19.99.
  • The mobile LMS platform for Coursebox is available for free.
  1. Docebo

Docebo is another one of the best hospitality LMSs for employee training. This platform has some great features, such as the compliance management feature, that guide you in the changing regulatory environment. 

What's more, you can use its AI capabilities to enhance your employees' training experiences. It also has solid analytical tools to generate engaging content for your hospitality training. 

Key Features

  • Social Learning: Docebo implements social learning so your employees can communicate their problems with peers for a better outcome. 
  • Gamification: It enhances engagement, resulting in interactive training programs. 
  • Mobile Application: You can use Docebo on the go and let your employees do it, too. 


  • The Engage plan is for anyone who wishes to become a learning leader. It is for $25,000/year.
  • The Elevate plan starts from $40,000/year. 
  • You can get the Enterprise plan’s pricing on request. 
  1. AbsorbLMS

Absorb is one of the most amazing platforms to enhance learner engagement. This mobile-first LMS is a helpful tool to meet the rapidly changing needs of the hospitality industry. The great thing about Absorb LMS is that it scales up with your business to meet challenges, such as industry shifts or seasonal demands. 

Key Features

  • Electronic Signature: It allows your employees to demonstrate that they have met all the requirements of the training procedure. 
  • Content Creation Tools: It helps you build agile courses within minutes. 
  • Quizzes and Games: Absorb LMS offers quizzes and Games that you can incorporate into your course to help increase employee engagement. 


You can request a quote for the plan based on your number of employees. 

  1. Seek LMS

Next, we have Seek LMS, another management system for learners worldwide. This platform eases your complications when creating a hospitality course. It helps integrate different training areas, such as food handling, security, customer service, and housekeeping, into modules that can be accessed anytime. 

Additionally, the single sign-in option and centralized storage ensure that only authorized employees can access the training programs. 

Key Features

  • Social Learning: The platform fosters social learning by integrating social media platforms and forums. 
  • Tracking and Reporting: The system helps centralize the training content in one place, making tracking and reporting performance easy. 
  • Interactive Training Module: This feature uses 3D graphics and animations to engage your employees. 


Get a quote for the starter, professional and enterprise plans available. 

  1. Green LMS

Green LMS is another one of the best hospitality LMSs for employee training. This platform helps you conduct virtual training through social learning. It also enables you to craft interesting hospitality courses and monitor employee performance simultaneously. 

All the learning resources at Green LMS are accessible at all times, ensuring flexibility in your training initiatives. 

Key Features

  • Social Learning: The platform allows its users to share data, record, and interact with other employees undergoing training. 
  • Gamification: This feature enhances engagement and helps capture the users' attention for a long time. 
  • Multilingual Support: Green LMS supports various languages so no user feels like an outsider. 


  • The Micro plan is available for $498.
  • The Small plan is for $996.
  • The Medium plan is worth $1992.
  1. TalentLMS

TalentLMS is a cloud-based learning management system designed to support training courses for an array of industries, including hospitality. From offering automated management features to providing role-specific training, this tool can help your business train employees at every stage of development. 

Key Features

  • Course Creation: You can create customized courses within a few minutes. 
  • Role-specific Training: TalentLMS offers targeted learning solutions for all roles in the hospitality sector. 
  • Multilingual Support: You can access your desired training in any language you want. 


  • The Starter plan is for $69/month. 
  • The Basic one is for $149/month. 
  • The Plus plan is worth $279/month. 
  • The most popular Premium plan costs $459/month. 
  • The price for the Enterprise plan is shared on request. 
  1. Continu

Continu is a contemporary learning platform that supports your training initiatives through its user-friendly features. The integrations available allow you to integrate your desired platforms to build a unified learning ecosystem. 

Key Features 

  • Deep Integrations: The smooth Integration with Zoom, Slack sharing and Google Drive helps make successful training sessions. 
  • Badges: The badges help appreciate learners on their training journey. 
  • Workshop Management: This feature supports virtual workshops, attendance tracking, and wait-list management. 


You can get pricing details on request. 

  1. Tovuti LMS

Tovuti LMS all-in-one management system for social learning. It is a perfect tool to help you create and deliver your learning content to the right audience. What's more, its virtual event manager and remote learning features help keep the teams connected for a long time. 

Key Features

  • Multilingual Support: This global user base platform provides content in many languages. 
  • Gamification Elements: Games, animations, and scenarios help elevate engagement.
  • Virtual Events Manager: The virtual events by the platform help keep the trainees engaged.


Contact the team at Tovuti for customized packages.

  1. Innform

Innform specializes in providing specialized online training to hospitality businesses. This reputable learning management system is GDPR and CCPA-compliant. It has also garnered trust from renowned hotel chains like Novotel.

Key Features 

  • Certification: Innform generates custom certificates for learners to help boost their confidence. 
  • Automated Onboarding: The platform ensures seamless onboarding of new employees through engaging content. 
  • SCORM Compatibility: The existing SCORM quizzes and courses allow for quick and easy distribution of learning materials.


  • There is a 14-day free trial for the Pro plan. 
  • All paid plans start from $1.4/person/month when billed annually.
  1. Litmos

Litmos is designed to provide tailored solutions for corporate training. The platform features extensive libraries for content. Plus, the global accessibility of Litmos is undeniable. 

Key Features

  • Hospitality Courses: From short video courses on customer service to social skills learning material, Litmos has a variety of sources available to meet your hospitality training needs. 
  • Multilingual Support: The platform supports over 35 languages. 
  • Efficient Tracking: You can easily track and measure the effectiveness of onboarding and other training. 


You can get access to pricing for paid plans on request. 


You can't run a successful hospitality business until your employees are well-trained for the job. Therefore, implementing the best hospitality LMS is necessary to ensure a free flow of knowledge and skills within your organization. 

We have shared the 10 best hospitality LMSs for employee training. Pick one that meets your feature and budget requirements to witness great changes in your employees’ development. 

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