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May 20, 2024
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Best AI Tools for Instructional Designers

Best AI Tools for Instructional Designers. Click to see the full review and pricing list

Best AI Tools for Instructional Designers

If you are an educator of any sort, whether a tutor or a full-time professor, creating course materials can be a difficult and daunting task, not to mention all of the tests and quizzes that you’ll have to produce too. 

Luckily, thanks to AI and advanced technologies that are being created and refined on a daily basis, there are plenty of AI tools made specifically for instructional designers. Let’s get right to it and take a look at the 10 best AI tools for instructional designers.

What to Look for in an Instructional Design AI Tool

Before we jump into it, below is a quick list of the most important factors to look out for when choosing the right AI tool for instructional design.


10 Best AI Tools for Instructional Designers

Let’s get to it and take a quick look at each of the top ten AI tools for instructional designers that the market has to offer.


1. ChatGPT

ChatGPT, particularly #4, the newest model, is an advanced language model created by OpenAI. It is designed as one of the most advanced artificial intelligence systems in the world, and if users know how to engineer prompts properly, it can easily be used to create courses, lectures, and curriculums of all sorts.


  • ChatGPT can help instructional designers create virtually any type of course and course content, from basic lessons to advanced tests.
  • If using the right prompts, ChatGPT4 can be used to create interactive learning tools.
  • ChatGPT4 can even act as a virtual tutor, plus it allows instructors to modify the tone and language based on specific needs.


There is a free version available, although for the highest functionality, it is recommended to use the ChatGPT4 Plus plan, for $20 per month.

2. Coursebox

Next, we have Coursebox, an AI-based course creation system designed to take many types of files and turn them into concise and comprehensive educational courses, with the aim being to make learning easier and more accessible for a larger audience.


  • Coursebox allows for many types of files and content, whether web content, videos, documents, or anything in between, to be converted into lessons.
  • The platform uses its own AI to automatically grade the work of students and provide instant feedback.
  • Coursebox also offers some advanced AI tutoring capabilities for students.
  • This platform allows instructional designers to easily create quizzes and tests.


  • Basic Plan: Free
  • Creator Yearly: $17 Monthly
  • Expert Yearly: $42 Monthly
  • LXP Insanity: $1083 Monthly


3. Perplexity

Perplexity offers a virtual learning environment that allows instructional designers to create their own educational experiences, which in many cases can be both highly customized and immersive. This app is all about enhancing student experience by increasing the amount of interaction that educational materials provide.


  • Perplexity features an interactive content creation system that allows instructional designers to produce gamified learning models, simulations, and other forms of interactive learning.
  • The system comes with collaboration tools so that students can collaborate on assignments.
  • Perplexity should easily integrate with most established learning management systems.
  • The AI uses real-time analytics to provide students with feedback.


  • Basic Plan: Free
  • Professional Plan: $25 per educator
  • Institutional Plan: Custom Pricing


4. Mindsmith

Mindsmith is a groundbreaking learning platform that is designed to make it easy for anyone and everyone to create their own courses, mainly thanks to easy to use tools that require virtually no skill at all.


  • Mindsmith features a drag-and-drop course builder that allows users to easily construct courses without the need for any technical expertise.
  • Mindsmith has many interactive elements that can be added into courses, therefore driving more student engagement.
  • AI is used to provide insight and feedback as to how the courses are running and how well students are learning.
  • Courses made with Mindsmith can be accessed on a variety of platforms, plus there are plenty of collaborative features too.


  • Starter: Free
  • Plus: $20 per month
  • Professional: $50 per month
  • Enterprise: Custom Pricing


5. Courseau

Courseau is a versatile platform designed specifically for instructional creators who need to design, create, and optimize educational courses, particularly those that are to be interactive in nature. It’s all about a simple course builder that also makes it easy for students to learn.


  • There is a template library, with dozens, if not hundreds of templates that users can put to use for minimal work.
  • There are features, such as learner analytics, that provide the instructor with detailed analytics as to how the students are doing.
  • Courseau features a variety of tools designed to create assessments and tests for students.
  • The system also makes it very easy to integrate a wide variety of multimedia types into the lessons, thus allowing for a more interactive learning experience.


  • Free trial available
  • Basic: $99 Monthly
  • Enterprise: $299 Monthly 


6. Articulate

If you’re looking for a complete and comprehensive suite of tools that will allow you to create some of the most professional and interactive digital courses, then Articulate is certainly worth trying.


  • There is a browser based application including design for creating responsive courses that automatically conform themselves to the specific device being used.
  • There's a huge array of assets, templates, backgrounds, characters, and more that can be used to add into courses.
  • The designer is made in such a way so that courses can be made to feel like a story, and look like modern web applications.
  • The way in which the courses are designed ensures that they integrate with the vast majority of learning management system platforms.


  • Articulate 360 Personal: $999 per user annually
  • Articulate 360 Teams: $1,299 per user annually
  • Enterprise Plans: Custom pricing


7. Learning Studio AI              


The Learning Studio AI is a brand new educational tech platform that uses the latest in AI to help educators design courses and lessons. One of its standout features is its ability to automate otherwise repetitive tasks.


  • Artificial intelligence is used to make the course generation process much easier.
  • The system is able to easily generate various types of assessments, such as quizzes and tests, as well as text and interactive elements.
  • The system is also designed in such a way so that the artificial intelligence monitors students and their progress, and then automatically changes their path based on their progression.
  • The Learning Studio also provides users with real time analytics so that instructional designers can better understand the outcomes and interactions of students.


  • Starter Plan: Free
  • Professional Plan: $40 per month, per user
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing


8. HeyGen

HeyGen is a very modern and advanced platform designed to empower educational content creators with a suite of powerful tools that allow for the creation of accurate, usable, and interactive courses that students will love to learn from.


  • The modular course builder, complete with drag-and-drop functionality, makes it fast and easy to create courses using text and a variety of elements.
  • The system features artificial intelligence which provides the user with suggestions on how to make the course better.
  • There are adaptive learning technologies included here that help to personalize the experience for each student based on their preferences and performance, therefore enhancing effectiveness and engagement.
  • There is an analytics dashboard included that provides educators with all of the information they need about student performance.


  • Basic Plan: Free
  • Professional Plan: $29 per month, per user
  • Premium Plan: $59 per month, per user
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing


9. Quiz Gecko

Quiz Gecko is a simple tool designed to allow educators to easily create useful tests, quizzes, and other types of student evaluation materials. It’s all about making the creation of quizzes and tests as fast and easy as possible.


  • Included is a simple interface that allows users to create quizzes according to various types, whether long and short answer, fill in the blank, multiple choice, or anything else of the sort.
  • Quix Gecko has automatic grading tools to make the life of educators much easier.
  • The AI provides each student with personalized feedback based on the responses provided by students.
  • Quiz Gecko content easily integrates with many different LMS.


  • Basic Plan: Free
  • Pro Plan: $15 per month, per user
  • Team Plan: $50 per month
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing


10. EdApp

EdApp is a learning platform that offers educators and instructional designers a suite of tools to design engaging and useful educational content, with rapid development and ease of use being at the forefront.


  • The rapid authoring tool provides users with a simple interface to create quick courses with ease, so called microlearning courses.
  • There is a huge library of templates available to help get instructional designers started.
  • There are many gamification features that help to make the content much more engaging for students.
  • Content created through EdApp should be compatible with virtually all learning management systems.


  • Free Plan
  • Pro Plan: $1.95 per month, per user
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing


Final Thoughts on the Best AI Tools for Instructional Designers

Now that you know what the top ten best AI tools for instructional designers are, you can get to creating your own courses with ease! 

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