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We’d like to warmly welcome you to your fully branded version of Coursebox, which is an AI course creator that can be embedded into your LMS or act as a stand alone LMS with mobile apps.

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How long does it take?

You can expect an email with your platform link and login credentials within the hour.

Support options

- Always, start by asking Bob, our fully trained chatbot here.
- Get support any time by lodging a ticket at

Upgrade options

You can upgrade, purchase add-ons or cancel your account here.

Setting up your portal theme

- Please visit our youtube channel any time
To add your branding follow this video 

BYO Domain name

If you have opted to BYO domain name (fees apply for DNS setup), please email with your selected option

Scenario 1: You Own a Domain and Want to Use Our Hosting Service (Most Common)

Action Required: In this case, we will configure a DNS Zone on our hosting platform and share the nameserver details with you.
The most commonly used nameservers provided by our hosting partner are as

Scenario 2: You Own Both Domain and Hosting, and Want to Manage Your DNSthrough Your Existing Hosting Provider

Action Required: For this situation, you'll need to manually update the DNS records associated with your domain. Please add the following DNS records: An 'A' record pointing to OVH's static IP address:
A 'CNAME' record specific to AWS (We will provide this once your 'A' record is set up)
To proceed, send an email to with the scenario number that applies to you, along with any relevant information as outlined for your situation.
Should you have questions or need further guidance, our support team is readily available to assist you.
Thank you for choosing Coursebox LMS for your learning management needs. We're excited to facilitate your educational platform!