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Save thousands of hours. AI software maps units of competency and generates entire courses.
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AI Course Creator and LXP - Coursebox

Faster, more engaging training

Registered Training Organisations deserve more efficient ways to create training materials. Use the best AI and cloud-based RTO Software.

Files to course

Convert your videos, docs and websites into courses to make the most of your existing resources

AI Assessment

Learners get instant AI grading and feedback based on your marking rubric and criteria

AI tutor

A chatbot trained on your entire course will give your learners real time conversational assistance

AI Quiz Generator

Generate quizzes, long answer assignment questions and marking rubrics in seconds

White Label

Brand your learning platform, mobile app and courses for a seamless learner experience

Sell courses

Sell your course materials online 24/7 to start generating revenue in your sleep

AI course designer

AI assists you to brainstorm and decide on the structure of your course before generating the draft


Automatically issue branded certificates to all of your students, rewarding them for achievement

Mobile Apps

Your learning experience on the move from any device with the Coursebox mobile apps

Courses created
different countries
different languages

Cut training costs with AI instructors

Automate tasks like grading and providing instant answers to student queries so you can focus on delivering high-quality training and enhancing the learning experience. AI tutors are trained on your course available for real time 24/7 support, creating an engaging learning environment. Embrace the future of education with Coursebox and watch your training business thrive like never before.

AI tutor AI assessment AI Grading
ai personalized learning

Boost engagement with AI-driven e-learning

Learners receive tailored content and personalized support, meaning high engagement. Automated certificates, tutoring and grading give your students instant rewards instead of having to wait up to days for responses from instructors.

Integrate AI course authoring to your LMS

While Coursebox can be used as an LMS itself, it can also just be used for creating training materials and seamlessly integrate with your existing learning management system. This can be a great solution for RTOs who already have an established LMS but want AI-powered course creation. Integrate grading, certificates and more between the two platforms.

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The AI powered cloud-based RTO LMS you've been dreaming of.

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