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Using AI with Coursebox

Updated: Jul 26

There is no way around it: AI is here and it’s here to stay, for better or worse. Despite the potential for misuse and the risks of AI actions resulting in massive harm, the possibilities to improve the world for for the betterment of humanity are immense. In particular, with new tools like OpenAI's GPT (Generative Pre-training Transformer) and DALL-E for generating AI-generated imagery, it’s really just up to human imagination to unleash its potential power.

Last week, I experimented with both tools and the outcomes were not just amazing but were produced rapidly, usually within seconds and with pretty solid grammar - whether OpenAI was creating artwork from a sentence or an academic essay.

What’s really cool is that OpenAI can now 'remember' earlier queries within the chat, for more contextualised conversations. As a self-professed lover of EdTech, my mind immediately turned to what might be accomplished in the education realm, particularly for those outside instructional design - ie how can we ‘democratise’ course creation for anyone?

Well, I gave it a go myself - through a series of questions, this morning I asked ChatGPT to design and create content for a WHS (Work Health and Safety) half hour elearning module targeted to building site workers. With the course outline ready, I then generated all the content, along with a title and description, tags, quizzes and completed producing a course template in around an hour using Coursebox.

So, if you’d like to see the type of course AI can build with a few rather specific queries please check it out at, with all content generated with ChatGPT and images created as originals via DALL-E. (Disclaimer: Please note this is a text/image course and for demonstration purposes of how AI can generate course content only. ie This could well form the basis of a more interactive learning experience, with additional activities aligned with learning objectives.)

Whether you are building a website with SEO-specific content, writing regular marketing posts or automating course creation, there is no doubt humanity will be changed forever by the use of AI.

What does this mean for Course boxers?

You got it, we are integrating artificial intelligence in early 2023!

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If you would like to learn more about how to use AI with Coursebox or more advanced features when publishing your courses, please book a free consultation at

Warm regards,

Travis Clapp, Co-founder of Coursebox

AI created images by Coursebox

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