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Top 5 Advantages Of eLearning For Your Employees

eLearning definitely gives you a lot of benefits not only saves your company money but also boosts employee morale and better fits the need of your rising company. Here’s how.

1. Reduces your company money

Let’s focus on this one. eLearning is simply more cost-effective for a larger employee audience. You’re reducing fees for trainers and employee time, as well as costs related to training rooms, travel, catering, and materials. For eLearning, on the other hand, employees will just need access to a computer or a mobile phone, and sometimes, to complete their training. Studies have shown that you can save more than 80% alone in printing. Switching to the eLearning was always a great idea and a lot of companies have saved thousands.

2. Reduces learning time for your employees

As mentioned switching to eLearning could be a really great decision. Just as eLearning saves you money, making the switch can also lead to huge savings for your employee’s time. And it’s not an insignificant amount. As per reports eLearning reduces your employee’s learning time by as much as 60% when compared to traditional learning. eLearning can reduce employee time associated with:

Starting and wrapping up learning sessions

Travel time

Breaks and meals

Teaching to a group, rather than an individual

3. Better employee retention for most training topics

eLearning is simply a better way to train employees on certain topics. With the interactive content, eLearning can greatly increase your employee’s engagement with and retention of key information. This is especially true for specific, concise topics, such as new software training, compliance procedures, or reference guides that they can access on-the-go.

4. Access courses or training anywhere, anytime.

Anyone who has access to the courses can definitely benefit from having them in one place that can be reached in different devices anytime when the internet connection is available. Your employees get to access the training when they have the time and capability to do so, no matter where they are. Coursebox is a perfect example of a social learning platform that can be accessed everywhere even if you consider learning from your mobile.

5. Provides employees with ongoing access to resources

Courses can have a lot of material that can and needs to be referenced later – such new product specifications.eLearning provides your employees with the opportunity to access those resources right when they need them. Instead of being confined to the classroom, eLearning materials can go wherever your employees go.

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