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LMS Integrations and more now live on Coursebox

Integrations graphic for Coursebox

As a powerful course creation tool, we have received many requests from our customers to integrate with their other systems, particularly learning management systems. We've been working hard to address this, and now LTI LMS integrations are live! LTI is similar to SCORM but is a more modern and powerful alternative. With this feature, you can easily embed your course within your LMS and have full analytics and other features integrated between our course builder and your LMS. LTI integrations are the best standard and available in most of the LMSs used globally such as Canvas and Moodle.

Get in touch with us to learn more about integrating Coursebox with your LMS and other systems. Our email is

Many other integrations are also available through our APIs. Coursebox has a listing on Zapier which enables more than a thousand integrations with a very easy set up. For example, if a Coursebox course creator is using Firmao for their CRM, they could automatically assign a staff member to an onboarding course each time a task to do so is assigned in the CRM.

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