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Coursebox attracts over 11,000 course creators with AI-powered course-building tool

Australian start-up Coursebox, co-founded by Adelaide e-learning designer Travis Clapp and Perth marketer Alex Hey, has seen early success after launching their AI-based course creator. In the last 3 months, they have amassed over 11,000 sign-ups from educators and businesses spread across 156 different countries.

“I dreamt of a tool that would streamline course creation several years ago” said the Coursebox CEO. The vision for Coursebox began while Travis was building training courses for prominent Australian institutions.

E-learning development projects are very resource-intensive, often requiring several months from a dedicated team.

"I’ve always wanted to speed up the process. I couldn’t help but wonder if one day technology would make it as simple as uploading your course materials, specifying your requirements and then a comprehensive training course would just magically appear. Honestly, I didn't believe it was feasible until a few months ago." said Travis.

Coursebox integrates their powerful course building algorithm with OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT. "When we first tried using ChatGPT and then realised how easy it was to integrate with, we just thought we had to try to build this AI course creator."

Coursebox can now reduce e-learning development project overheads by up to 10 times and we’re really only just getting started” said the Coursebox CEO.

The platform recently went viral in Middle Eastern countries after a Saudi Arabian professor posted a comprehensive demo to his 1 million plus social media followers. The professor was astonished by the tool’s potential and how it could create courses in almost any language, including his native tongue Arabic.

Coursebox Chief Marketing Officer Alex Hey said "We've been able to fuel this growth without any paid advertising. Our sign ups have mostly come from these online influencers and organic search."

Coursebox is ranked in first position globally for Google search terms such as 'AI course creator'. “When someone decides to search for an AI course builder online, we show up without having to pay for it" explained the CMO.

The Coursebox team is determined to grow the product into a global e-learning powerhouse. They have an extensive roadmap of features to release before the end of this year and will be fundraising to accelerate their development and marketing even further. Ioan, an director of a US based educational company chose to use Coursebox. "I'm able to create online courses quickly and effectively without using different service providers to take care of all my professional needs." Another course creator, Daniela in Brazil said she is "In love with Coursebox, my life was made easier with this tool with wonderful AI."

Those interested in learning more about Coursebox or trying it out can sign up for a free account at

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