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10 Best AI Powered Learning Management Systems (LMS) in 2024

Best AI powered LMSs

What is an AI LMS?

Learning management systems (LMS) are sophisticated platforms with everything on a technical level to manage online learning. AI LMS platforms bring artificial intelligence into these complex and feature rich tools such as generating courses with AI, AI recommending learning pathways, AI learning chat assistance, and AI assessment of learners.

What to look for in an AI LMS

There are critical attributes to look for in an AI LMS, ensuring you make an informed decision:

  • Simplified Content Creation: Opt for an AI LMS that streamlines the course development process by making the most of generative AI

  • Customized Learning Journeys: The system should tailor the learning content to meet the unique needs and preferences of each learner.

  • Analytical Insights: Look for an AI LMS capable of giving you insights on learner progression, course impact, and other critical metrics.

  • Integrations: Compatibility with your existing infrastructure is crucial.

  • Mobile Accessibility: A responsive design that supports mobile access is essential.

  • White Label: Your LMS should provide a seamless brand experience so it's important you choose a platform that lets you add your logo and colors.

AI LMS features

Best 10 AI LMS Platforms 1. Coursebox

Coursebox is the leading AI powered course authoring tool using generative AI. The top plan is a white label LMS/LXP with mobile apps.

Coursebox AI LMS


  • Very powerful AI course designer, writer and quiz generator

  • AI tutor and AI assessor

  • Full branding control and Mobile Apps

  • Reporting, payments, certificates, groups


  • Minimum $99/month

LearnWorlds is a course creation and online learning platform targeting course creators who want to sell their courses.


  • AI course writer

  • Website for selling courses

  • Branding control and certificates


  • $249/month

LearnUpon has a big vision to turn their existing internal training LMS into an AI powered LMS. It still seems to be in the works, but it's one to keep an eye on.


  • Course creator

  • User segmentation and reporting

  • Zapier and LinkedIn Learning integrations


  • Based on employee numbers

Absorb LMS is a big player in the internal training LMS world. They're a more premium and expensive option for larger organisations. They've moved more conservatively into AI.


  • Compliance training

  • Onboarding

  • Course library


  • Based on employee numbers

Paradiso is an internal training LMS that has created an in built AI course generator that has basic functionality to write course content.


  • Employee training analytics

  • Onboarding

  • Gamification


  • Free trial available

Cypher Learning is an LMS player targeting a more academic audience but still has business clients too. So far they have moved faster into AI than some of the big LMS players.


  • AI course creator

  • Competency based learning

  • Various assessment types


  • $5 per AI generated course

Pro Profs is a smaller player in the compliance/skills training LMS space. They have a course creator and more entry level pricing.


  • Reporting and Analytics

  • Open source code base

  • Virtual classroom for making announcements


  • $2 per learner per month

EdApp is a mobile first and interactive course authoring tool. It can also be upgraded to have some LMS features.


  • AI course creator

  • Mobile friendly course designs

  • Course templates


  • $2.95 per active user per month


  • Microsoft Teams and Salesforce integrations

  • Content creator

  • Onboarding and compliance features


  • Based on number of users

Zavvy is targeted to busy HR teams who want to see growth in their employees that's easy to track and doesn't require too much work.


  • AI writing assistant

  • Skills Matrix

  • Events and Onboarding


  • Minimum $300 per month depending on usage

Best AI Powered LMS Platforms

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