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May 17, 2024
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Social Learning Management System

How to Maximise Engagement - Your Learning Management System (LMS) to Get Social

Social Learning Management System

How to Maximise Engagement in Your Learning Management System (LMS)

Get Social

There are many learning management systems and most fail to truly engage the network itself. Coursebox has created a platform that puts people ahead of the tool – it’s about you, so we’ve optimised the creation, admin and learner experiences. Moreover, you will be part of a community, where engagement is at the forefront. The answer to dry, boring eLearning is get social, so we have integrated social elements into everything, from activity chats, to modern assessments that feel like posting – basically, it’s simple, fun and intuitive!

Be Generous

At Coursebox, we provide a range of tools to help you and selected experts engage your community, from newsletters and events (with reminders and attendance tracking!) to easy-to-use groups and learning channels. Our advice is to be generous – as administrators and thought leaders, be sure to create regular newsletters, posts and comments, using our powerful @tagging features for individuals and groups anywhere in the platform.

Engage your members

Engagement is about more than just ‘lean-back’ eLearning courses and newsletters, of course – to truly engage, be sure to use visuals, interactive slides and where you use videos be sure to offer as much face-to-camera as possible. Coursebox uses intuitive ‘Checkpoints’ that you can include in any activity to embed a human-centric approach in any learning activity or resource.

Offer Extra Value

As well as selling courses or offering private resources, why not regularly create mini news broadcast emails using our Channel posts and free-access courses, to offer that extra value your community seeks? You can publish public eLibrary resources for inductions, how-to guides, interactive slideshows and an infinite range of possibilities.

Grow your champions and influencers

It can get exhausting being the driver of your social learning platform, so be sure to train up and inspire various influencers to regularly post articles and even share eLibrary resources themselves!

Why is a Social LMS the Best?

Social Learning Theory

In 1977, Bandura wrote about social learning theory – while we have more tools at our finger tips than ever before his theories of engaging learners through social practice are more relevant than ever before. Be wary of publishing elearning without any human contact points, as it’s often through conversations and mistakes where deep learning really happens.

Cognitive Learning Theory

“The Cognitive Learning Theory explains why the brain is the most incredible network of information processing and interpretation in the body as we learn things

To that end, we have designed the Coursebox platform to be more effective by providing tools such as intuitive discussion and assessment elements to better support the learning process than through eLearning resources alone. We will continue to evolve features with not only social but also cognitive learning theory at the core of our choices to support your learning community best.

Why is Coursebox the best choice as for corporate learning management?

Corporate Learning Management (LMS Corporate Training) - We have a range of clients including Hudson  and Lifestyle Connections using Coursebox for LMS Corporate Training, as it’s the perfect way to engage your workforce via instant messaging, reminders and social elibrary learning resources. On top of that, it’s about being about to simply and easily engage users with newsletters, private and public channels, groups and intuitive resource distribution methods.

Cloud Based Learning Platform (Simple LMS)

Coursebox is a cloud-based platform and you can be sure that our simple LMS is also a powerful social enterprise solution.

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