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May 20, 2024
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10 Best AI Onboarding Tools to Create Engaging Experiences

The best AI onboarding tools for engaging your new employees. See the full list, features and costs for each.

10 Best AI Onboarding Tools to Create Engaging Experiences

According to statistics, organizations can increase employee retention by almost 82% through a solid onboarding system. Things are also positive from the consumers’ perspective. Wyzowl’s report found that around 86% of consumers stay loyal to a company that graciously invests in onboarding content to welcome and educate them.

If your venture hasn't yet set up an onboarding system, it’s high time you do so. Thankfully, the process isn’t tedious either. With the help of the best AI onboarding tools, you can manage everything efficiently within a few minutes. 

Let’s review the 10 best AI onboarding tools that can help increase new hire productivity and customer satisfaction for your business. 

What is an AI Onboarding Tool? 

An AI onboarding tool allows companies to engage new employees during their onboarding journeys. They help create effective learning experiences for your customers. 

With the best AI onboarding tool, you can automatically send messages, courses, or checklists to your new hires or clients. In fact, some organizations use these tools for almost 90 days so their employees can be fully accustomed to the tasks and goals they are expected to achieve. 

What to Look for in an AI Onboarding Tool? 

When picking the best AI onboarding tools, you must look into the following factors. 

  • Ease of use: Your first choice should be an onboarding tool with an intuitive design and user-friendly features. It should help you simplify and streamline processes rather than make them complicated. 
  • Onboarding checklists: Tools featuring onboarding checklists ensure that all new hires and customers get a similar onboarding experience. 
  • Personalization options: Great tools have incredible personalization options. These features help you keep your employees or customers engaged and feel welcomed. 
  • Cost: Tools that meet your budget are most helpful. We recommend you pick those offering a free trial to get a taste of their performance before finally choosing a plan. 

Now that you know what makes the best AI onboarding tools, explore further to find the top options. 

The 10 Best AI Onboarding Tools 

Here are our picks. 

  1. Coursebox 

Coursebox is an innovative and free AI onboarding tool that streamlines course creation for new hires by creating, managing, and delivering educational content. What’s more, it has advanced LXP (Learning Experience Platform) features that facilitate smooth, personalized onboarding to elevate the learning of your new hires. 

Key Features

  • Files to course. The tool helps you convert your existing resources into courses for employee training. 
  • AI assessment. This feature helps your employees get instant feedback and grades based on your marking. 
  • AI tutor. The tool features a chatbot trained to assist your employees with relevant queries. 
  • White label. You can use this feature to brand your courses and app for a convenient user experience. 

Cost: You can start the onboarding for free. However, later, you will have to pick a plan. The branded Learning Experience Platform at Coursebox is available for $99/month. 

  1. Userpilot

Userpilot helps you create a personalized onboarding experience with its WYSIWYG builder. You can also use this tool to help your employees benefit from in-app guidance so they can know how to use your system or product effectively. The built-in tooltips and soft highlights clarify the complicated aspects of your business. 

Key Features

  • WYSIWYG Builder. This tool helps you design your in-app guides and product tours for users and new employees on board.
  • Built-in tooltips. These help clarify the complicated aspects of the tool for easy application. 
  • Product analytics. This feature ensures you understand customer behavior during onboarding. 

Cost: A 14-day free trial is available. After that, you can opt for a relevant pack with the features you require to use the platform.  

The Starter Pack starts at $249/month, while the Growth Pack is worth $749/month. You can also opt for the Enterprise Pack, which has a customized rate. 

  1. BambooHR

The onboarding tool at BambooHR helps you create easy first days for new hires. This impeccable platform allows you to take electronic signatures, create customized pre-boarding packages, generate personalized emails, and more to make your employees or customers feel engaged and welcomed. All of this supports you in setting your new hires up for success from the start. 

Key Features

  • Onboarding templates. The New Hire Packet Templates customize the onboarding process for different job types, locations, and departments. This helps reduce administrative load. 
  • Get to Know You email. This feature makes introductions and first conversations with your employees or customers as smooth as possible. 
  • Built-in electronic signatures. This feature saves new employees from the sea of paperwork as signatures are taken automatically using the tool. 

Cost: There are two plans, Core and Pro that feature the onboarding tools. To know the process of each, you must mention the employee count with the country to have an idea. You can also try the tool for free for a few days before choosing a reliable package.

  1. Hotjar 

Hotjar is designed for businesses to help them discover and communicate their user needs. It also allows you to analyze your website to know its performance. 

Additionally, it allows you to welcome a new team member, whether in the office or remotely. For the onboarding process, you can use your most preferred collaboration tool at Hotjar.

Key Features

  • Collaboration tools. These tools help make sharing data between all team members as easy as a pea. 
  • Personalized welcome screens and messages. These help welcome new hires and make them a part of the team instantly. 
  • Heatmaps. These maps help analyze the activity of all users who use Hotjar to find where they are stuck or require help. 

Cost: The basic plan is free but includes very few features. The paid packages are Plus for $32/month, Business for $80/month, and Scale for $171/month. 

  1. Pendo

Pendo is a tool trusted by many leading companies worldwide. It is an ideal digital adoption solution that offers various features to enhance onboarding experiences. Right after your employees or customers log in, they have an intuitive digital experience that keeps them engrossed and engaged. 

What’s more, the in-app guides help users better understand the platform so they can reap its benefits to the fullest. You can also personalize training based on the learning abilities of your new hires. 

Key Features 

  • Digital dashboards. This feature allows your employees and clients to enjoy an intuitive experience right away as soon as they log in. 
  • In-app guides. These guides help users understand the tool and navigate it easily. 
  • Personalized training. With Pendo, you can create customized training that suits the skill levels of your new employees.

Cost: You can take a free demo. If you are satisfied, you can choose from the Growth or Portfolio plans. The process of each plan varies according to the number of users and your location. 

  1. UserGuiding

Another one of the best AI onboarding tools, UserGuiding, is an incredible platform for creating interactive guides, surveys, and onboarding flows. The tool stands out as the only one of its kind with technical support in Portuguese. It also lets you create customized onboarding experiences for your users to increase their retention rates. 

Key Features

  • Onboarding checklist. This feature helps you stay in touch with the employees’ performance to create similar experiences. Also, these checklists help customers know what they need to do next to understand your product properly. 
  • In-Product messaging. This feature helps to onboard new customers by facilitating personalized messages for them at every stage. 
  • Help center. The help center guides new users with all the features so they can use this tool seamlessly. 

Cost: The Basic Plan is available for $89/month. The Professional Plan costs $389/month, while the Corporate Plan costs more than $689 monthly. 

  1. WalkMe

WalkMe is a user-friendly tool platform for organizations to simplify their user experience through analytics and guided tours. The software has one motive: to help its users get the job done via automation and personalized guidance. 

Key Features

  • Personalized training. This feature helps you deliver customized training to your new hires based on their skill and job levels. 
  • Onboarding checklists. This in-app guide helps ensure all users are on the same page during their onboarding journey. 
  • Onboarding tasks. The Smart Walk-thru with videos and resources helps your employees to see their progress as they move from one task to another. 

Cost: There are two plans, WalkMe Core and WalkMe Essentials. You can get a quote for your chosen plan based on your team size and any additional modules you may want. 

  1. Appcues

Next up, we have Appcues. You can use it to design and deploy captivating onboarding experiences. The platform curates tailored onboarding to improve conversion and retention rates. It is also incredibly easy to use, so even non-techy people can reap its full potential. 

Key Features

  • Personalized onboarding. This feature is designed to help you create a customized experience for every user so they can engage well with the tool. 
  • Builder. The Chrome extension ensures you create onboarding flows with just a few clicks. 
  • Studio. Appcuses Studio is a great platform to measure in-app behavior and target the experiences of your employees. 

Cost: Small businesses can take the Essentials Plan, which is worth $249/month. The Growth Plan is for big enterprises and costs $879/month. For personalized plans, you can opt for the Enterprise package, the process of which may vary according to your requirements. 

  1. Chameleon 

Chameleon is a revolutionary tool that helps modern SaaS teams gain all the control they want to drive growth. Additionally, it facilitates the onboarding of both customers and employees through its hyper-targeted flows tailored to user needs. 

Key Features 

  • Personalized In-app guides. This feature allows you to create guides that help users better understand the company’s offerings and tasks. 
  • Tours and tooltips. These features help users use the tool correctly and perform all tasks effortlessly. 
  • Checklists. The in-app checklists are designed to make the onboarding experience similar and engaging for all. 
  • Performance analysis. This feature helps measure the behavior of users so that adjustments can be made accordingly. 

Cost: The Basic plan is free, but it has limited features. The StartUp plan costs $279/month for small businesses. If you are a big business, you can take the growth package worth $1250/month. The pricing for the Enterprise plan is flexible and depends on your customized requirements. 

  1. Intercom 

Our final pick is Intercom. This AI-first customer service solution features AI copilots and agents. The platform is excellent for onboarding new customers by boosting user adoption and activation. 

Key Features

  • Interactive walkthroughs. You can create walkthroughs conveniently and then measure their outcome through in-app scoring. 
  • Code-free builder. This feature allows you to create engaging, code-free tours for customers so they can understand your product step by step.  
  • Onboarding checklist. This checklist helps tick off all the essential onboarding tasks your organization must meet to satisfy every employee or customer. 

Cost: The basic plan for small businesses is $39/month. The Advanced Plan includes many automated tools and is $99/month. For large teams, the Expert Plan costs $139/month. These prices are for every seat. 


Now that you know the best AI onboarding tools, will you use them to increase customer and employee satisfaction? These platforms help increase productivity and save you ample time in keeping the team members and clients satisfied. 

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