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May 17, 2024
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Top 10 AI Assessment Tools For Educational Institutes

Want to learn about the best AI assessment tools? Look no further, as this guide explains all of them with their prominent features and pricing. 

Top 10 AI Assessment Tools For Educational Institutes

Assessments are critical in evaluating students' abilities and creating a conducive learning environment in the modern educational landscape. They depict students’ learning styles, proficiencies, and weaknesses. However, traditional assessments cannot handle a diverse and ever-increasing student population. 

That is where Artificial Intelligence (AI) comes in. Today, 60% of educators rely on AI in their classrooms, with younger teachers more likely to adopt it. AI has cemented itself in the educational sector through AI assessment tools - specialized software that grades assignments and provides comprehensive performance feedback.

With hundreds of such tools available, several questions arise: What are the best AI assessment tools available today, and how to select the one suited to your needs? The answers to these questions lie in our curated list of the top 10 tools which we are going to discuss in detail. 

What is an AI Assessment Tool? 

An AI assessment tool is a software program that uses artificial intelligence to evaluate students’ performance, track their progress, provide feedback, and personalize learning tracks for better outcomes. 

Their usage in the education sector has increased manifolds in recent years, with one report suggesting AI will power 47% of learning management systems (LMS) in 2024 and beyond. AI assessment tools for teachers obtain data from student responses and course contents, suggesting individual improvements for each student.

Here is a brief overview of how an AI assessment tool in education becomes useful:

  • Detects plagiarism, makes objective evaluations, and streamlines grading. 
  • Makes tests more fun by asking creative questions and identifying unique talents in students. 
  • Can be tailored to personalized learning styles and ensure better outcomes. 
  • Provides 24/7 assistance, even when teachers are unavailable. 
  • Integrates seamlessly with the LMS. 

Brief Guide to Choosing an AI Assessment Tool

There is an endless number of AI assessment tools available today promising all kinds of innovations. But how do you know which one to trust? Here are a few simple measures you can use to determine whether an AI assessment tool is worth investing in. 

1. Relevance in the Educational Requirements 

One size doesn’t fit all, which is true for AI assessment tools. It must align with your course content and understand where students stand on the learning ladder. It should also produce engaging and exciting questions, pushing students to learn more effectively and gain new skills. 

2. Data Privacy 

Data privacy in the digital era is a significant requirement for any software. The AI assessment tool should clearly communicate how it collects data, where and how it uses it, and whether it shares that data with third parties. 

Make sure it complies with FERPA, COPPA, and GDPR to protect sensitive information. If you're still unsure about a particular assessment tool, consult the school’s technology/computer department. 

3. Ease of Use 

With never-ending course content, students and teachers are always short on time. You wouldn’t want to spend months learning to make the most of an AI assessment tool. Make sure it is easily understandable for both the teachers and students; otherwise, it could negatively affect the learning process. The elements that make an easy-to-use tool are a minimal setup, an intuitive interface, and clear labels. 

4. Actionable Feedback 

A robust AI tool isn’t just about producing numbers or labels that nobody can fully understand. It should provide clear and actionable insights that help teachers do robust evaluations and help students improve their learning experience. For instance, it shouldn’t just identify grammar weaknesses but suggest learning resources & exercises to mitigate them. 

5. Scalability & Integration 

Students have specific strengths and weaknesses, which should be accounted for to offer them the best path forward. With multiple students in a single stream, the AI tool must handle all of them while understanding their strengths and weaknesses.

Moreover, you should be able to scale the tool up or down with the class size. It should also integrate seamlessly with the existing learning management system (LMS).

6. Variety of Assessment Choices 

The AI tool must include various assessment methods and tests, such as the MCQs, long-form questions, shorter questions, simulations, game-based assessments, and more. Having such a variety means students enjoy a comprehensive and engaging learning experience. 

7. Professional Support 

Comprehensive support is indispensable when using an AI assessment tool. Having robust support means instantly understanding a feature you would otherwise have difficulty grasping. It saves you a lot of time that can be spent on improving learning outcomes instead. 

Moreover, the tool should have tutorials, quality customer support, and active forums for discussion. You’ll have to rely on customer support if you don’t have experts around with whom you can discuss features and specific use cases of the AI tool. 

Top 10 AI Assessment Tools for Teachers and Instructors

Based on what we have discussed above, an assessment tool should be relevant, reliable, and secure. That is what we considered when selecting the best assessment tools for educational institutions. Here are all the relevant details about them. 

1. Coursebox 

Coursebox’s AI assessment tool leads the pack, which converts your docs, videos, and websites into coherent courses. With its robust grading and feedback mechanism, students can significantly improve their learning outcomes. The platform is also mobile-friendly, allowing students and teachers to access assessments on the move.

One of the most significant issues with traditional learning is that teachers aren’t available 24/7 to guide students. Coursebox resolves this hurdle through an AI assistant trained on the course content. Students can ask any questions related to their course and it’ll provide robust conversational assistance. 

This platform also has an AI Quiz Generator that can quickly create long-form questions, quizzes, and marking rubrics. Moreover, it can help you brainstorm and decide what your course would look like before you prepare the final draft. 

As a result, your course will have a coherent structure that is easily understandable by students. To date, Coursebox’s AI Assessment Tool has helped create over 20k courses in more than 60 languages. 




  • Free: Forever free - costs $0
  • Creator: $19
  • Expert: 49$
  • LXP Insanity: $99


  • Free: Forever free - costs $0
  • Creator Yearly: $17/mo - billed yearly
  • Expert Yearly: $42/mo - billed yearly
  • LXP Insanity: $1083/mo - billed yearly

2. Magic School AI 

Magic School AI is another popular platform crafted as a one-stop shop for educators and learners. It helps teachers eliminate educational burnout and stress with its interactive interface. Similarly, educators enhance their AI literacy and build long-term AI skills using Magic School AI.

Magic School AI complies with FERPA and other state laws to protect student data. Moreover, the app doesn’t require personally identifiable student information.  


  • Contains over 60 AI tools. 
  • A simple interface easily understood by everyone. 
  • Several training resources for robust understanding. 
  • Integrates easily with your LMS. 


  • Magic School: Free
  • Magic School Plus: $12.99/mo OR $8.33/mo ($99.96 yearly)
  • Innovators Program (special pricing and pilots through EOY)

3. Gradescope 

Gradescope excels at generating educational projects, worksheets, quizzes, exams, and much more. It can grade all subjects and works flawlessly for paper-based and programming projects. You only need to scan your work and upload it to Gradescope to grade it. 

The program analyzes and grades your content swiftly, providing valuable insights into rubric-level statistics. Teachers can send graded assignments to their students with just one click and handle all regrading requests online, saving them a lot of office time. 


  • Grades all subjects
  • Works with both paper-based and programming assignments 
  • Provides detailed analytics and insights

Price (check it by filling out this form)

  • Basic 
  • Institutional

4. Classpoint 

Classpoint is trusted by over 500k trainers and educators worldwide. It is fully integrated with PowerPoint, meaning you can use it without switching between various apps. Some of its prominent tools include interactive AI assessment questionnaires, quiz generators, gamification, and presentation tools.

Teachers can engage students with interactive quizzes using MCQs, word clouds, videos, and more. Similarly, you can include reward elements in PowerPoint, including stars, levels, and badges. 


  • Real-time interactive quizzes and presentation tools.
  • PowerPoint quiz generator.
  • Gamification in PowerPoint to improve presentations.


  • Basic: Free 
  • Pro: $8/mo ($96 billed annually)
  • Premium: Contact Classpoint for pricing.

5. Examsoft 

Examsoft has been created with faculty and exam-takers in mind. It provides a secure digital platform for enhanced educational outcomes. One of its prominent elements, ExamSCORE (Student–Centered Objective Rubrics Evaluation) helps grade exams based on objective metrics.

Examsoft provides detailed assessments, which help educators gauge students’ preparation for the final exam. Moreover, its secure software ensures academic integrity by blocking WiFi access on student’s devices. 


  • ExamSCORE
  • Serves various programs, such as law, business, medical, and more. 
  • Academic integrity through WiFi blockage.
  • Flexible Solutions for Rubric-based grading.


  • N/A on the website.

6. Quizgecko 

Quizgecko focuses on personalized learning and works on both Android and iOS. It is trusted by Clark University, the University of Sheffield, and more. Quizgecko uses AI to generate flashcards and quizzes after analyzing your previous course content.

It also promotes memory retention using cognitive science principles by repeating complex concepts at suitable intervals. As a result, students can learn twice as fast and achieve better outcomes in their final exams. 


  • Optimized learning with Quizgecko’s spaced repetition algorithm.
  • Personalized feedback with intelligent grading and Mastery Score.
  • Quick conversion of textbook photos into relevant quizzes.
  • Practice sessions for mastery of a subject.


  • Free: $0
  • Student Premium: $64/y
  • Educator Premium: $89/y

7. Revisely 

Revisely is an AI assessment tool online for traditional subjects with 7 million user-generated and 10,000 subject-based resources for GCSE and A-Level. With special flashcards and quiz generator sections, students can enhance their understanding of various subjects.

Revisely is mainly known for helping students revise the course content for exams. It provides comprehensive videos and breaks past papers into various topics to facilitate students.  


  • One-stop location for GCSE, AS, and A-Level exams.
  • A simple website with AQA, Edexcel, and OCR-relevant content.
  • Provides various revision materials.


  • One-month free trial.
  • The price depends on the contract duration, the number of users, and the language. 

8. EssayGrader 

EssayGrader is an AI assistant specializing in essay assessments, providing accurate and insightful responses. The program has been used to grade over 150k essays and has identified over 1 million errors. It has been trained on a large dataset involving books, essays, and articles to analyze essays comprehensively.

EssayGrader can analyze various textual mistakes related to grammar, spelling, punctuation, coherence, and writing style. It not only identifies shortcomings but also suggests improvements. As a result, students can improve their writing skills significantly and score well in essay-based exams. 


  • Accurate feedback with all the crucial details. 
  • Provides a whole list of errors. 
  • Supports bulk uploading essays for saving time. 
  • Custom rubric creation makes grading easier. 
  • Summarizes long essays for extracting important information. 


Monthly - Individual Plans 

  • Basic: $0/mo
  • Lite: $8.99/mo
  • Pro: $19.99/mo
  • Premium: $49.99/mo

Yearly - Individual Plans 

  • Basic: $0/yr
  • Lite: $97/yr
  • Pro: $215/yr
  • Premium: $540/yr

Special District Plans are also available if you need more than 25 accounts. 

9. CoGrader 

CoGrader wants to help teachers save time on grading assignments and focus on teaching instead. Backed by UC Berkeley, it works perfectly with Google Classroom, Canvas, and Schoology to import your assignments. You can set an evaluation rubric based on your State or school's assessment criteria, helping you achieve specific objectives.

Once the rubrics are set, CoGrader evaluates assignments and provides detailed feedback on each student. It also highlights areas where students need to improve. 


  • Gets rid of human bias with advanced AI. 
  • Google Classroom integration. 
  • Compatible with Canvas & Schoology. 
  • Provides detailed feedback for each student. 


  • Individual Educator: $15/mo
  • Schools: Pricing is available upon request.

10. Markr 

Markr is the last AI assessment tool on the list that promises to cut grading time by 50% with its innovative approach. It integrates with all the popular LMS platforms and provides custom integration upon request. Assessments are nothing without detailed feedback, and that's where Markr excels: it helps students know their weak areas and make necessary improvements. 

You can standardize grading across courses to ensure a fair evaluation system with Markr. Similarly, it secures your assessments by weeding out unauthentic answers and removes bias by anonymizing student responses. 


  • Individualized feedback to students.
  • Standardized grading with predefined metrics. 
  • Protects sensitive student data. 
  • Smooth integration with LMS platforms. 


  • Contact Markr for details. 

Conclusion: Choose an AI Assessment Tool Wisely 

AI assessment in education is all the rage today and for good reasons. It makes the learning experience more rewarding and exciting by providing objective grading, suggestions for improvements, and high-level security. However, picking a high-quality AI assessment tool like Coursebox is crucial to maximize this opportunity.

With tons of AI features, such as quick conversions and an AI chat assistant, it is the best educational companion one can ask for. You can also create a fully-fledged course with it in under an hour. 

So, check the pricing for Coursebox today and pick an offer that suits your educational needs.

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