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May 20, 2024
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The 10 Best AI Tools for L&D for Your Workforce’s Personalized Training

See the 10 Best AI Tools for L&D for Your Workforce’s Personalized Training

The 10 Best AI Tools for L&D for Your Workforce’s Personalized Training

A report by Oracle found that 27% of human resource leaders believe AI can positively change Learning & Development (L&D) and modernize it for effectiveness. Well, we can't blame them. 

The convergence of L&D and AI is truly one of the game-changing advancements of recent times. From generating adaptability to personalization, AI’s infusion with L&D has successfully kicked the standard training modules and traditional assessments out of the picture. 

With AI tools for L&D, professionals have found effective ways to educate, engage, and empower their trainees for the revolutionary world that awaits them. 

Want to utilize this AI tool for your business? Here are the best 10 AI tools for L&D you can use for your workforce’s personalized training.

What Are L&D Tools?

These tools are a powerful set of inclusive features available to help your organization's employees participate in continuous learning. Trainees also use them to adapt to new skills and ace their roles in the industry. 

L&D tools ensure that the users stay up to date with the new trends in their respective fields and learn the art of following the best practices. 

Alternatively, L&D tools are also used by individuals for their self-learning. Many people use them to help polish their communication, reading, and writing. 

These tools can generate engaging learning courses. From curating quizzes to full-fledged videos, they can help you streamline your in-house training effectively. 

The main purpose of L&D tools is to simplify things for humans. Gone are the days when everything had to be done manually. It’s the modern era where AI tools are transforming the L&D space like never before. 

The List of the Best 10 AI Tools for L&D 

Finding the most suitable AI-powered L&D tool can be challenging, especially if you don’t know where to start your search. You can find a list of tools available on the internet, which can make it challenging for you to choose one.

To make things easier for you, here is a list of the best 10 AI tools for L&D that you may want to implement in your system:

  1. Coursebox 
AI in L&D

This revolutionary AI tool is a game-changer. Coursebox can help you get all the relevant L&D content within a few minutes. You can use it to have AI assessments, quizzes, and high-quality course designs. 

What’s more, this intuitive platform is easy to navigate, allowing even non-tech users to create customized L&D training programs for the workforce.


  • Generate Course Designs. You can use this tool to get course designs to share with your team. 
  • AI Assessments. This feature helps all learners get instant feedback based on the markings and criteria. 
  • AI Tutor. The available chatbot assists learners on the training course. 


You can use the tool for free. 

  1. QuestionPro
Question pro ai l&D

With QuestionPro, you can create surveys within a few minutes with the help of an AI engine, QxBot. You can choose from the 20+ survey themes available for this job. Moreover, the tool can easily integrate with your Google Sheets, offering heatmap analysis and 24/7 email support. 


  • QxBot. This AI engine can help you curate surveys within seconds.
  • Survey Themes.  You can personalize your surveys using the incredible themes available. 
  • Customer Support. The tool offers incredible support whenever you require it. 


  • The Essential plan is free. 
  • The Advanced plan is available for $99 per user monthly.
  • The Team Edition plan is available for $83 per user each month.
  • A customized Research edition is also available.
  1. Quizgecko
quizgeck ai l&d

As one of the easiest quiz makers and online testers, Quizgecko helps level up your employees' learning. You can use it to generate quizzes after every training session to test their knowledge. Quizgecko also helps you generate multiple-choice questions and other types of questions to create engaging training. 


  • Turn Text Into Quiz. All you have to do is upload your text to the platform, and it will generate questions within a few seconds.
  • Sharing Options. These quizzes created in Quizgecko are easily shareable. 
  • YouTube to Quiz. Paste the link to a YouTube video on Quizgecko and see it generating a quiz. 


You can get started for free. 

  1. ChatGPT
chatgpt  ai l&d

This AI tool has garnered fame for the right reasons. ChatGPT helps you create AI-generative content instantly. All you have to do is ask it to create relevant training material, and it will do it within seconds. 


  • AI Generative Content. You get well-curated training content within seconds. 
  • Language Comprehension. The tool can respond to all languages in a natural way. 
  • Human-like Results. Its ability to create human-like responses makes the tool reliable and relevant. 


  • A free plan is available 
  • The Plus plan costs $20/month 
  1. Quizlet
quizklet  ai l&d

Training with Quizlet is pretty smooth. This application helps you create quizzes within minutes, elevating the value of your course material and making training sessions engaging. The AI-powered tool is also beneficial for curating digital flashcards that can prove helpful in learning. 


  • Practice Tests: Quizlet helps you get practice tests within minutes. 
  • Q-Chat: The AI tutor on board helps with any query that you may have. 
  • Expert Solutions: Quizlet offers AI-enhanced and expert-written solutions easily. 


  • A free trial is available
  • The premium plan starts with $7.99 per month or $35.99 annually. 
  1. EdApp
edapp  ai l&d

Next up on our list of the best AI tools for L&D is EdApp. This is an incredible application that allows you to conduct digital training and then test the knowledge of your employees before tracking their performance.  The ready-made courses at EdApp help elevate your workplace learning manifolds. 


  • Course Creation. You can use the tool to create a course within minutes. 
  • Management of Content. EdApp allows you to manage, edit, and publish learning content online. 
  • Customization of Ready-made Courses. This helps you access already designed courses and customize them later as per your needs. 


  • A free plan is available but with limited features
  • The Do It Yourself plan is worth $2.95 per month
  • The Enterprise plan comes with custom pricing
  1. NovoED
novoed  ai l&d


NovoED is popular for bringing classroom experience to the employees of your company. The tool’s learning platform offers features such as collaborative learning, cohort-based learning, and scaling social learning to create positive outcomes. 


  • Collaborative Learning. With NovoED, your team can interact with a similar group and learn new things together. 
  • Employee Onboarding. NovoED supports training during employee onboarding. 
  • Video Practice. This feature helps with immersive capability building to integrate coaching, peer learning, and manager feedback. 


This tool is available for $35 per year. 

  1. Character.AI l&d

This unique AI tool is designed to benefit you and your team through avatar-based learning. L&D professionals can use this innovative application for personalized super intelligence. 


  • Avatar-based Learning. This helps create interactive training sessions with your team members. 
  • Customization Options. With an array of customization options, you can create personalized content for your learners. 
  • Character Assistant. The AI work/study buddy ensures that no learner learns alone. 


  • A free plan is available with limited features
  • The premium plan is available for $9.99/mo
  1. Rephrase Studio  l&d

Rephrase Studio is another revolutionary tool driven by AI language refinement. It helps professionals in L&D in creating concise and clear materials for learning. You can also use the tool to curate digital avatars. 


  • Course Creation. You can use the tool to create training courses online.  
  • Avatars. Avatars ensure that your training is interactive and engaging.
  • Professional Videos. You can use this tool to create interactive learning videos within minutes. 


  • The Starter Plan (Rephrase Studio) is available for $25.00 per month 
  • The Starter Plan (Rephrase personalized videos) costs $100.00 monthly. 
  1. Realizeit 
realize ai l&d

Realizeit believes in making modern learning quickly adaptive. The tool provides a huge number of solutions, including self-assessments, reskilling, compliance, product, and cross-training. You can also join the Realizeit community to meet like-minded people who are trained or wish to be trained using the tool. 


  • Adaptive Learning Experience. This feature ensures that your team has an interactive experience when in training. 
  • Cross-Training. With this feature, you can train your employees in different roles.
  • Product-Training. It helps you learn about the product so you can be in a better position to curate use cases for it. 


Custom pricing is available. However, there is no free trial. 


Learning & development has always been a crucial aspect of growth for any company. This isn't something your employees go through at the start of their work journey only. In fact, L&D continues for a long time, which makes it costly and time-consuming to implement. 

However, thankfully, with the help of the best 10 AI tools for L&D, you can automate this aspect of your business. From making quizzes to creating training courses online within minutes, these applications are game-changers. 

Therefore, if you want to enhance L&D at work or even in your studies, pick a tool from the list above, choose a pricing option, and get started. 

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