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May 20, 2024
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AI for Teachers: Top 8 AI Tools That Help Save Time

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the way we learn! This article explores the top 8 AI tools for teachers, unpacking how AI empowers educators to personalize

AI for Teachers: Top 8 AI Tools That Help Save Time

Artificial intelligence (AI) has made a deep influence on our society, shaping everything from cultural trends to how businesses operate. The education sector is no exception. Statistics show that the global AI in education market reached US $3.5 Billion in 2023. AI platforms are revolutionizing the way teachers approach learning, from the creation of online courses to the development of content and assessments. 

This guide explores eight of the most cutting-edge AI tools for teachers. We'll explore the unique features of each platform and how they empower teachers to create dynamic and engaging learning communities. 

Understanding the Importance of AI for Teachers 

The rise of technology, particularly Artificial Intelligence (AI), is gradually transforming how people teach and learn. As facilitators of knowledge, teachers are facing an evolving role. It is safe to say that AI isn't here to replace but to empower them. Integrating AI in education facilitates a multi-faceted approach to problem-solving, encouraging creative brainstorming and innovative solutions. 

According to a survey by Forbes Advisor, 60% of educators already use artificial intelligence in their classrooms.  AI for teachers can help personalize learning by analyzing student data and tailoring instruction to their individual needs. These insights encourage more meaningful interactions, fostering a mentor-like relationship where teachers co-learn with their students. The impact of AI extends across every subject, from medicine and engineering to social sciences and art. AI tools can provide constructive feedback, allowing teachers to focus on personalized guidance.

Artificial intelligence is here to stay, and its impact goes beyond the classroom. Equipping teachers with AI knowledge has now become a necessity. This helps them guide students on the safe and ethical use of this powerful technology, preparing them for a future heavily influenced by AI. 

How AI for Teachers can Enhance the Learning Experience

AI has brought a whole set of tools and techniques that are changing traditional classrooms into digital learning labs. From personalized learning platforms to AI-powered assessments and feedback, here are the different ways in which AI can enhance the learning experience for both teachers and students. 

1. Creating E-Learning Courses and Content 

Online or e-learning has become an increasingly popular method of education as it allows individuals to learn at their own pace and with flexibility. The core of e-learning lies in well-designed digital courses and learning materials. Traditionally, creating these courses could be a time-consuming and resource-intensive process. However, AI has made creating high-quality courses easier and faster for teachers. 

These platforms assist teachers with outlines, multimedia conversion, and even quizzes, freeing them to focus on core content. AI personalizes learning by adapting to individual styles, creating content from various sources to ensure that the courses stay up-to-date with the latest information.

2. Personalized Lesson Plans

Modern learning doesn't work with a "one size fits all" approach. AI for teachers helps identify individual student needs and pinpoint knowledge gaps. With this data, teachers can design personalized lesson plans that cater to each student's learning style and academic strengths and weaknesses. This ensures a more focused and effective learning journey for all. 

For example, creating short MCQs-based assignments for students struggling to write long essays. The quiz focuses on key concepts from the assignment, allowing the student to demonstrate understanding in a manageable format.

3. AI Assessment and Grading

Traditional assessment and grading can be time-consuming and overwhelming for teachers, especially with large class sizes. AI-powered assessment offers a valuable solution. These platforms allow teachers to define clear grading criteria and rubrics. AI then utilizes machine learning algorithms to automatically grade assignments

AI platforms may not be a complete replacement for teacher evaluation, but they can significantly reduce grading time. Teachers can then focus on reviewing AI-generated grades, providing personalized feedback, and addressing any outliers. 

4. Virtual Learning

AI's impact on education extends beyond quizzes and assignments. It allows teachers to create personalized online tutoring experiences. Just like AI can generate courses from your content, it can also power "AI teachers." These virtual tutors, trained on user data, provide real-time learning assistance, offering a similar experience to Zoom classes. However, they have the added benefit of being available 24/7, catering to students who need extra support outside of regular classroom hours. 

5. Task Automation

Beyond lesson planning and lectures, teachers spend a lot of time on administrative tasks like grading, attendance, and student communication. AI for teachers can automate tasks like grading essays and scheduling meetings. This frees up valuable time to focus on what they do best: teaching and creating engaging learning experiences for their students. Such as: 

Teachers struggling with keeping attendance track can automate this task using facial recognition software. 

6. Gamification 

The whole purpose of AI in education is to improve learning practices and make them more engaging. Gamification could be one powerful tool to achieve that. It transforms traditional learning into interactive games and activities. Imagine students solving math problems through a point-based competition or exploring historical events through a simulated role-playing game. Gamification keeps students motivated and actively involved in their learning journey. 

Top 8 AI Tools for Teachers in 2024 

Educators now have diverse AI-powered tools that empower them to become more effective. Let's look at the top 8 AI tools for teachers in 2024, exploring their features and how they can transform classrooms: 

1. Coursebox

Coursebox stands out as one of the best AI platforms for teachers crafting online courses. It empowers both educators and students in e-learning and content creation. Imagine going from brainstorming to assessments in just an hour! Coursebox's AI streamlines course creation by pinpointing knowledge gaps in your content. This creates a truly personalized learning journey for each student.

Coursebox doesn't stop at course creation and encourages continuous learning for teachers and students. Its advanced AI features guide learners on leveraging AI for their education. This includes tools like generative AI, which can create new learning materials, and chatbots offering personalized support and answering student questions. 

Key Features and Benefits 

  • Course Creation: Coursebox uses your existing content (files, videos, images, PDFs) and AI to build a complete course structure in an hour.
  • Personalized AI Tutor: Empowers students with an AI tutor that provides personalized educational support throughout their learning journey.
  • AI-powered Quizzing: Its AI quiz generator instantly creates MCQs, assignments, and even marking rubrics based on your course material.
  • Instant Grading: Your students receive immediate feedback on their work, graded against your pre-set marking criteria.
  • Global Accessibility: This platform allows you to create content in over 60 languages, ensuring everyone has access. Plus, students can learn on the go with mobile and device-friendly course delivery. 

Coursebox is recommended for educators, trainers, businesses, and independent course creators. 


 Cousebox offers both monthly and annual pricing packages: 

1. Monthly Package

  • Free (comes with limited features)
  • Creator (19 USD/ month)
  • Expert (59 USD/ month)
  • LXP (99 USD/ month) 

2. Yearly Package 

  • Free (Limited features)
  • Creator Yearly (17 USD/Month billed yearly)
  • Creator Expert (50 USD/Month billed yearly)
  • LXP (99 USD/Month billed monthly)  

2. Conker 

Conker is another AI platform designed to simplify quiz creation for busy teachers. This user-friendly tool saves educators hours of research and fact-checking. With a simple interface, you just type your topic and preferences, and Conker generates engaging quizzes in seconds. It can tailor quizzes to various age groups, abilities, and grade levels, which makes it a highly popular choice for K12 educators. 

Key Features and Benefits 

  • AI-powered Quiz Generation: Conker generates engaging quizzes(multiple choice, true/false, fill-in-the-blank, etc.) in seconds based on your chosen topic and preferences. 
  • Customization: Tailor quizzes to your student's needs with a variety of question types, ensuring a well-rounded assessment.
  • Standards-Aligned Assessments: Explore thousands of pre-made quizzes aligned with K12 standards, saving you even more time. 
  • Seamless Integration: Easily integrate Conker quizzes into popular platforms like Canvas and Google Classroom for a smooth workflow.
  • Accessibility for All Learners: Conker prioritizes inclusivity with read-aloud features, catering to students with diverse learning needs.

Conker is Recommended for K-12 teachers / Homeschooling parents/ students. 


Conker offers monthly and annual pricing models: 

1. Monthly Package

  • Free (limited features)
  • Basic ($3.99/month)
  • Pro ($5.99/month)
  • Schools (upon request)

2. Annual Package 

  • Free (Limited Features) 
  • Basic ($39.99/year)
  • Pro ($59.99/year) 
  • Schools (upon request)

3. Education Copilot

Education Copilot is an AI tool for teachers designed to simplify lesson planning and resource creation. It is a user-friendly platform that streamlines the entire process. Simply enter your topic, and Education Copilot generates engaging lesson plans, handouts, project outlines, and more – all in seconds. This frees up valuable time for you to focus on what matters most: connecting with your students and delivering effective instruction. 

Key Features and Benefits

  • Effortless Lesson Planning: Provide your topic and learning objectives, and Education Copilot uses AI to craft engaging lesson structures tailored to your needs.
  • On-Demand Handouts: Education Copilot allows you to quickly create custom handouts on specific topics, concepts, or subjects.
  • Toolbox for Every Need: The platform offers over ten tools to support a variety of teaching scenarios, including essay outlines, student reports, progress tracking, special education resources, and English learning materials. 

Education Copilot is recommended for classroom teachers, special education teachers, and English language teachers.  


  • For Teachers ($ 9 / month) 
  • For Schools (upon request) 

4. Canva Magic Studio

Canva Magic Studio is a new suite of AI-powered tools integrated into the popular design platform Canva. Designed for users of all skill levels, Magic Studio empowers everyone to easily create impactful visual content. Simply describe what you need (e.g., "sustainability presentation"), and AI generates unique options for images, videos, or presentations. 

Additionally, AI streamlines your workflow with features like auto background removal, one-click image resizing, and effortless format conversion, saving you valuable time. 

Key Features and Benefits

  • Magic Animate: Bring life into your designs with AI-powered animation tools, adding a dynamic touch to your visuals.
  • Magic Media: Generate unique images and short video clips based on keywords or descriptions, sparking creative inspiration. 
  • Magic Edit: Effortlessly edit existing photos and videos with AI-powered tools like background removal and one-click image resizing. 
  • Magic Morph: Seamlessly transitions between different images or video clips within your project, creating a smooth and engaging flow.
  • Magic Write: Overcome writer's block and generate creative text formats like social media captions, blog post intros and email subject lines using AI. 

Canva Magic Studio is Recommended for:  AI for teachers/ Communication designers/ students/ Social media managers. 


Canva offers both monthly and annual pricing plans:

1. Monthly Plans 

  • Free (Limited Features) 
  • Pro ($ 6.50 / per month) 
  • Teams ($ 5 / per month/person) 
  • Enterprise (upon Request)

3. Yearly Plans 

  • Free (Limited Features) 
  • Pro ($ 55 / annually) 
  • Teams ($ 50 / annually / person)
  • Enterprise (upon Request) 

5. Quillbot

Quillbot is one of the best AI websites for teachers, empowering both educators and students. Its user-friendly interface and diverse features make it a valuable asset for anyone looking to improve their writing skills and workflow. Quillbot saves time by automating tasks like paraphrasing and summarization. It ensures your writing effectively conveys your message with the help of paraphrasing and grammar suggestions.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Paraphrasing: Rewrite text for improved clarity or to explore different writing styles, all while preserving the original meaning.
  • Grammar & Spell Check: Eliminate errors and improve your writing with AI-powered grammar checking and spell correction.
  • Co-writing: Brainstorm and generate new content ideas with AI suggestions, acting as your virtual writing partner.
  • Summarization: Extract key points and convert lengthy texts into concise summaries, saving valuable reading time. 

Quillbot is recommended for Students/ Educators/ Writers, and content creators.


Quillbot offers three pricing plans:

  • Monthly ($ 9.95 monthly) 
  • Semi-Annual ($ 39.95 / every six months)
  • Annual  ($ 49.95 / annually) 

6. Twee is an innovative AI-powered platform designed specifically to empower English teachers. It utilizes natural language processing (NLP) to streamline lesson planning and content creation. It helps generate engaging lesson materials like essays, video scripts, creative writing prompts, and vocabulary exercises – all tailored to your needs. The user has to provide the topic and student level, and Twee uses AI to create relevant content.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Content Creation: Generate text formats like essays, worksheets, quizzes (MCQs), discussion questions, and video transcripts – all tailored to your needs.
  • Tailored Content Across Topics: Create dialogues, stories, articles (and more) on any topic and for any level (beginner, advanced).
  • Engaging Discussions: Find interesting discussion questions, facts, and quotes related to your chosen topic, enriching your lesson plans.
  • Vocabulary Boost: Brainstorm relevant vocabulary for your topic and create engaging fill-in-the-blank and open-the-bracket exercises.

Twee is Recommended for English teachers of all experience levels. 


  • Free (Limited features)
  • Twee Pro ($ 11.95 / per month)
  • Twee Schools (upon request) 

7. Gradescope

Gradescope is an AI website  designed specifically for higher education instructors. It streamlines the grading process for various assessments, saving educators valuable time and effort. Simply scan student work (written or online), and Gradescope provides detailed feedback with customizable rubrics. Export grades and gain valuable analytics to understand student performance 

Gradescope helps instructors better understand student performance through real-time insights. It also provides tools for detailed feedback with annotations and comments on student work. 

Key Features and Benefits

  • Supports Multiple Assignment Types: Gradescope handles a variety of assignments, including written exams, problem sets, projects, worksheets, quizzes, and bubble sheets.
  • Documents & Online Submissions: Instructors can upload scanned documents (e.g., handwritten exams) or have students submit work electronically through the platform.
  • AI-Assisted Grading: Gradescope automates repetitive tasks like grading multiple-choice questions, allowing instructors to focus on providing detailed feedback with rubrics and annotations.

Gradescope is recommended for Instructors of higher education institutes (colleges and universities)


Gradescope offers basic and institutional plans. Pricing is available upon request. 

8. Fetchy is an  AI virtual assistant designed specifically for educators. It goes beyond basic tools, addressing the emotional aspects of teaching and promoting a healthy learning environment. Fetchy offers over 50 tools to facilitate tasks like lesson planning, content creation, and assessment development, freeing up valuable time for teachers. 

Teachers can generate engaging lesson plans, craft personalized feedback, and even address behavior issues within a single platform. 

Key Features and Benefits

  • Lesson Planning: Generate AI-powered lesson plans and course outlines in seconds, tailored to your topic, grade level, and learning objectives. 
  • Personalized Feedback: Provide students and colleagues with constructive feedback using Fetchy's tools. 
  • Behavior Management Support: Develop effective strategies to manage challenging classroom behaviors with AI resources. 
  • Boost Student Engagement: Discover and implement effective methods to boost student productivity and engagement. 

Fetchy is a highly recommended AI for teachers of all levels who want to become well-rounded educators. 


Fetchy provides monthly and yearly plans:

  • Monthly: ($ 10 / month) 
  • Yearly: ($ 99 / year) 


This article explored the transformative potential of AI in education. By automating tasks, personalizing learning, and providing valuable insights, AI empowers teachers and enhances the learning experience for educators and students. We've unpacked eight cutting-edge AI tools, highlighting their strengths in lesson creation, assessment, grading, and supporting teacher well-being. 

While people may fear AI will replace teachers, it empowers them to become more effective educators. It is a powerful support system, freeing teachers to focus on what matters most: building relationships, providing personalized guidance, and fostering a love of learning.

However, to maximize the benefits of AI, it's crucial to choose tools that align with your institution's vision, your individual needs, and your students' specific requirements.

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